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Enhanced Taq DNA Polymerase Specificity

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ThermaGo™ is a double-stranded, chemically modified nucleic acid that suppresses mis-priming during the annealing and extension steps of PCR. It increases the reproducibility of both real-time and end-point analyses. ThermaGo enhances the specificity of Taq DNA polymerase.


ThermaGo Suppresses Mispriming During PCR:


1. Improves the reproducibility of technical and biological replicates.

2. Increases detection of low-copy number targets by suppressing non-specific products.

3. Reduces signal scatter in standard and digital PCR.

4. Reduces mis-priming and chimera production prior to next-generation sequencing.

5. Improves end-point genotyping.



Applications of Interest:

Mispriming protection in all forms during PCR.

Detection of low copy target numbers (single-cell PCR, digital PCR, rare target detection in liquid biopies/tumor samples).

Enhancng accuracy of highly multiplexed-PCR for targeted next-generation sequencing and other post-PCR applications.

Monoplex and multiplex endpoint SNP genotyping.


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