High-Precision PCR


Recent Customer Comments:


"I just wanted to let you know that we have had amazing success with your ThermaStop product. We've had a nasty primer dimer that was inhibiting a difficult PCR for years, and this nearly eliminated it completely! I must say I'm very impressed!



Thermagenix makes Simple, Universal,  easy-to-use reagents that improve product yield and specificity in PCR amplifications.  Typically, ThermaStop, ThermaGo and ThermaStop-RT are just added to PCR master mixes  at a one-to-one unit ratio with the DNA polymerase or reverse transcriptase. The reagents do not require optimization for use with different enzyme systems.


The requirement for product specificity and yield has increased significantly as PCR products have become more widely used in downstream applications like sequencing and diagnostics. ThermaStop, ThermaGo and ThermaStop-RT were developed with these critical needs in mind.