High-Precision PCR


Waltham, MA, March 13, 2017— ThermaGenix, Inc., a new life sciences company, announces that it has exclusively licensed certain technologies from Brandeis University that significantly enhance detection and analysis of nucleic acids, both DNA and RNA, via the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).  These platform technologies are applicable to diagnostics of human cancers and infectious diseases, as well as genomic analysis of virtually all forms of life.  more (PDF)



Natick, MA. April 12, 2017 – ThermaGenix, the PCR Improvement Company,   announces the completion of a $1.5M Series A-1 financing round. This event adds to several other early achievements at ThermaGenix, including the business formation and licensing agreements, and the establishment of its’ Executive and Scientific Teams.

more (PDF)